We are dedicated to the development of youth in the game of soccer and futsal, providing opportunities to promote healthy living, good sportsmanship, and love for the sport.

First Touch Academy

Is perfect for those just starting to explore futsal or soccer or for players looking for extra touches on the ball.

Join a team

Our team program is right for those looking to take their technical skills to the next level and compete with a team.


Trying out for a club or school team? This program is right for those who are looking to take their skills to the max.

Join Hillsboro Futsal’s Training Camp for an exciting soccer experience! Our camps revolve around the excitement of futsal and soccer, providing a dynamic and secure indoor environment for young players. Choose between full-day or half-day options.

In the mornings, our focus is on honing essential skills. Our experienced and passionate coaching staff will guide them in learning fundamental techniques and tactics in both futsal and soccer.The afternoons allow campers to apply their newly acquired skills in small-sided games and scrimmages.

Our camps are not just about training; they’re designed to be enjoyable and engaging. Create lasting memories as your child learns, improves, and has a great time at Hillsboro Futsal! Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity for your child to learn, grow, and have a blast!

Camp Details


2015-2011 (U9-U13),
All levels welcome


March 25 – 28, 2024 (Monday-Thursday)


 330 SW Walnut St. Hillsboro, OR 97123

Half Day Option:
AM- 9AM -12PM
PM- 1PM -4PM

EARLY BIRD $120.00- Register by 2/12/24 

REGULAR $150.00

Full Day Option:  

EARLY BIRD $240.00  Register by 2/12/24 

REGULAR $300.00

What to bring: 

Water Bottle, Futsal Flats, & Please provide lunch for your camper and/or a morning and afternoon snack.

Camp Details

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Available Camps

First Touch Academy

The First Touch Academy is for ages 3-12 years who are just starting to explore soccer/futsal or are looking to refine their technical skills. You will find the program easy to commit to and packed with a balance of challenging and fun trainings. 


What to bring: 

Academy training jersey, Black shorts, Black socks, and Indoor soccer shoes. (No Cleats).


Join a Team

The TEAM program is year-round and emphasizes on the individual player encouraging athletes to reach their peak performance. This program is suitable for those looking for a team and not already with a club. You will find the TEAM program challenging yet engaging and with a balance of outdoor and indoor training and games.

2023/2024: JUNE 5TH - APRIL 26TH

Uniform:  Academy training jersey, home and away jerseys, black shorts, black socks, and indoor soccer shoes. 


Personal Training

Trying out for a club or school team? Take your player skills to ultimate performance. This program is right for those who are looking to take their technical skills to the max. You will find this program customizable to your abilities and commitment.  Train on your own, with a partner, or a small group. You choose!


Training: Sign up for four, eight, or twelve trainings.

Players: Sign up for 1on1 coaching or with a small group, up to four players. 

Duration of Training: 60 minutes each session.


Time Slots: Sessions will be coordinated with  personal coach. 

REGISTER year round!

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